Samsung Unveils Ativ Book 9

Before the iPhone maker announced its new 12-inch Macbook, one of the slimmest laptops on the market, Samsung had already unveiled a similar device. Samsung Ativ Book 9 was first seen at CES 2015 and it matches Apple’s product nearly spec by spec.

Both laptops come with a 12-inch display, with better than HD resolutions, the same Intel Core M processor and featuring premium-feeling designs. To not be forgotten that both are very light and slim, weighting nearly two pounds. 

If we put them side by side, we will notice that they are very similar. To be mentioned that Samsung is one of the most famous companies that is making Windows PCs and it is well-known for inventing the ultrabook with the original series 9.

However, Apple’s device is coming with a longer battery life compared to the Samsung product. On the other hand, the keyboard and touchpad that we can find on Samsung’s laptop are very good even on such a small device. 

Samsung Ativ Book 9 is powered by 8GB Ram and 256GB SSD, the similar configuration that the MacBook has, but it costs 100 dollars more. So, Samsung’s device can be found on the market at the price of 1,399 dollars. We don’t know if this is a positive thing for Samsung, having under consideration the fact that a giant tech like Apple sells millions of laptops every year. However, Samsung also released a less-expensive version, featuring 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, at the price of 1,199 dollars.

There is also an area in which Samsung beats Apple and that is linked to ports and connections. As everyone knows, Apple is famous for introducing the new USB-C connector, which probably will be everywhere in a short time. The bad thing is that the MacBook has only one port, aside from a headphone jack.

So, it seems that Samsung has managed to squeeze more than just a single port, including two USB 3.0 ports, an audio jack, a Micro-HDMI and a proprietary power connection. Neither of these laptops has a touchscreen, but they are offering a good way for navigation and writing.

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