Samsung to Run Tizen instead of Android

While the popularity of Android devices is in continuous growth, it seems that Samsung might have in plans changing its operating system. New reports reveal that the latest Galaxy Gear might run Tizen instead of Android. 

It is reported now that Samsung plans on featuring Tizen instead of Android in its upcoming Galaxy Gear 2.0. At least this is what some sources have told USA Today. Sources claimed that Samsung is actually considering launching an updated smartwatch, which is set to run HTML 5-based Tizen OS. 

The new reports also reveal that Samsung is planning on making this release public at its Mobile World Congress, which is set to take place in just a few days. 

Why is Samsung thinking about dropping the Android on its smartwatches? Reports indicate that there actually are numerous reasons to determine the company to make such a choice. One of the main such reasons is Samsung’s desire to gain greater control from associated software and services. 

Regardless of Samsung’s reasons, fans of the smartwatch expect such a change to bring enhanced features on the device. Meanwhile, reports reveal that Samsung plans on making some very interesting releases at the event it has scheduled for this month. 

Naturally, one of the most important such releases is the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is one of the most expected releases of the beginning of 2014, a smartphone that is really expected to be spectacular. 

A series of reports so far have tried to predict what the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature. Most of these reports indicate that the new smartphone will come with even a bigger display. It is believed that the Samsung S5 will feature a 5.2-inch screen, as well as a sharper display, compared to the previous generation model. 

The new phone is also believed to feature improved battery life and improved camera, two features that customers always want to be great in the devices they are using. Well, what the new smartphone will feature after all is about to find out after its release. 

It is expected for both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch to be released in just a few days. 

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