Samsung to Release two new Smartphones this Year

Samsung is set to release two new smartphones this year, at least this is what the latest rumors indicate. Apparently, both of these devices will be high-end smartphones. The time when the release will be made remains yet unknown, but it has been claimed that this release will be made in the next six months. 

Apparently, the news was revealed by no one else than Kim Hyun-joon, who said that one of these models will be launched with a larger screen. New materials will be used for these phones, Samsung’s senior vice president told investors. Naturally, no other details have been released at this point, so the design of the new phone is widely unknown. 

Samsung previously claimed that it has in its plans the use of bendable screen for its devices. Samsung claimed that the demand for smartphones is quite amazing now, so the company is very interested in providing users everything they need. Some reports reveal that Samsung may actually be working at the Galaxy Note Phablet. 

Well, it seems that for the famous company sales are not really what they expected. Apparently, sales are not great in the European Union and this can only impact the profits of Samsung. The weak demand in the European Union for Samsung smartphones does not have an apparent reason. Still, some analysts say that the reason why Samsung is not as popular as they expect is actually linked to the lack of success of its latest Samsung Galaxy S5. 

It has been revealed that Samsung is now focused on innovative products and the famous company is seeking to impress with its newest releases. “Samsung expects to see its sales of mobile devices increase with the rollout of flagship products and new models, but profitability may suffer due to a heated race over price and product specifications,” a statement from the company said, adding that the prospects of growth remain unclear for now, as competition over global market increases. 

Currently, there are numerous smartphone makers who have various successful products in sale, so there is no wonder the competition is so great on this market.

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