Samsung to Open Mobile Health Platform

The war between Samsung and Apple continues when it comes to the release of new technology. Samsung has just announced the release of a mobile health platform, while it is a well-known fact that Apple is working to introduce health monitoring. 

So, the announcement comes as it is expected for the Apple iWatch and healing monitoring in the next version of iOS to be revealed soon. Samsung managed to make this release ahead of Apple, so probably the rival company is not happy at all. The new platform, Samsung Digital Health, promises to be absolutely impressive. 

The device is called the Simband, being able to measure various health indicators. This new device was presented by Samsung for the first time on Wednesday, at the event that took place in San Francisco. At this event, Young Sohn claimed that this is just the “beginning of our journey, the beginning of our platform.” “What we need is a community of developers and disruptive technology players to work with us,” he claimed. 

The new wristband hardware platform can track everything from heart rate to breathing and blood pressure, thing which definitely makes it quite functional. The new system can turn out being extremely effective, as a way to control health and track problems with breathing or blood pressure. Samsung seems quite interested in investing in the health control platform, the company claiming that they made a $50 million investment in a fund for digital health. 

Samsung has already revealed that they have an agreement with the University of California at San Francisco to have expert help them validate the new technology. Most likely, for tech companies it becomes more difficult to achieve new levels of advancement in their technologies. Well, if Samsung seems really determined in investing in digital health control and has made everything public, rumors reveal that Apple might also be interested in such aspects. 

Analysts claim that Apple’s entrance on this market is inevitable, although there are no confirmations on the exact intentions that the developer of the iPhone might have. Rumors indicate that health information will be centralized by Apple in the iOS 8, which is said to be launched soon. Moreover, some analysts seem to believe that the iWatch with such capabilities will be released quite fast, this year. 

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