Samsung to Launch the Galaxy S5 Mini

Samsung has decided to impress its customers once again with the release of an impressive product. The famous phone maker has released the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, one of the most expected products of the popular company, this year.

The new release came after numerous rumors which revealed that the popular company plans on launching this new impressive product. Initially, rumors said that Samsung will make this release in July and they were almost right.

Ines Van Gennip, marketing director at Samsung, said that the reason why the company was so determined to make this release is actually linked to their intention to offer customers a great option in a smaller device. So, Gennip said that if a “larger screen may not work for everyone,” the mini version can be an amazing option. And this smaller sized device will not sacrifice performance for design

The features presented in the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available for users in this device, as well. The company also revealed that the S5 mini has become available on many markets. Samsung announced that the device will be available in Russia, as well as on other global markets, this month.

When it comes to design and color options, users might be happy to discover more possibilities to choose from. So, Samsung revealed that the device will come in charcoal black, shimmery white, but also electric blue and copper gold. Moreover, the new phone can be purchased in white, black, blue and gold.

Apparently, the reason why Samsung was so interested in making this release now is actually linked to its results when it comes to sales. Some reports have indicated that Samsung is not happy at all with the sales, while others reveal that it actually did worse on some markets, compared to Apple.

Samsung S5 was launched after numerous rumors in February. Only three months later, Samsung announced the release of this new product, the S5 mini. The S5 mini is said to look and feel the same as the S5. Most likely, numerous people will be interested in purchasing such an advanced device.

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