Samsung To Launch All-In-One PCs This Fall

Reuters reports that Samsung will begin producing all-in-one PCs starting this fall. The devices were manufactured for Windows 8 software and their price will range from $750 to $1,700.

Good news keeps on coming from the South Korean technological company which recently announced that they will start a new line of personal computers designed to work with Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS. Only a group of three all-in-one PCs have been manufactured, so far, but, depending on the market’s response, Samsung may increase their production.

The price of the all-in-one computers has already been established even though the official launch will take place this fall in late October. Customers can choose to spend $750 or $1,700, based on the specifications that they select for their products. The all-in-one PCs will be endowed with special features including gesture recognition which enables the user to control the computer by waving his hand in front of the device.

The Series 7 and Series 5 PCs will also have a high resolution and third generation Intel Core processors. Since Samsung is renowned for its high-quality displays, the new PCs will live up to the company’s reputation. The slim bezel displays will feature 10-point touchscreens and they will incorporate five hand gesture recognition options that function when the user is three feet away from the screen.

Computers in the two series are slightly different from one another. Those included in Series 5 will have 21-inch screens, whereas the ones in Series 7 have 23-inch or a 27-inch screen. The other difference is related to the processor, namely, Series 5 all-in-one devices receive Intel Core i5-3470T CPU and an Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU. Series 7 computers, on the other hand, get Intel Core i7-3770T CPU and an AMD Radeon HD 7850M GPU. In addition, Series 5 PCs require less space because they have the keyboard and the mouse fitted between the legs of its base. Both models will have 1 TB hard drive.

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