Samsung to Invest More in LCDs

Samsung is willing to invest more in the development of LCDs. It has been reported that the company is ready to invest as much as 14 percent in this segment of the market. 

The purpose that Samsung has set is to provide ultra-high definition picture quality. Samsung has claimed for quite some time now that they want to invest in liquid crystal displays. The biggest TV manufacturer in the world, Samsung has a wide range of products on this market, to meet all needs. 

“Samsung Display is still struggling to improve production yield defect rates in OLED panels because it failed to implement a printing technology for screens as scheduled,” a rep for the company said. “Higher costs are still another headache. As Samsung Electronics remains bullish about the outlook for UHD TVs, Samsung Display plans to increase its investment in LCD panels for UHD TVs by up to 14 percent,” he added.

Actually, Samsung has always invested a lot on this market. Only last year the smart devices maker has invested no less than 3 trillion in LCD panels. The company seems determined to invest in curved, ultra-definition screens, while the new devices will be available in sale starting with later this year. 

The new devices will be sized between 55 and 105 inches, while models of 55 to 85 inch plat UHD TVS and 55-65 inch curved full HD LED TVs are going to be optimized for US customers. “We will maintain our lead with various UHD lineups in the North American market, which is considered as the center of the world’s TV industry,” a vice president for Samsung claimed. 

Some reports have claimed that the first UHDTVs will in fact ship later this month. It is claimed that the device will cost no less than $2,999, in the 55-inch model. On the other hand, the 65-inch model is said to cost $3,999. The 50, 60 and 75-inch models will start shipping in May and will cost $2,499, $3,499 and $5,999. Naturally, Samsung kept some details for itself, so there are no other specifications regarding its new devices, which the company avoided to reveal at this point. Of course, we should expect these details to be revealed soon.

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