Samsung’s most affordable Food Showcase fridge: the RH25H5611SR

Probably, door-in-a-door refrigerators are among the most attractive models on the market nowadays. Such a model will allow owners to have an easy access to their juice, groceries or barbeque sauce, and it is recognized as being a time-savior.

However, probably some clients will not get the point of having a door in another door, because they still have to open a door to grab their ketchup. Will, this will probably not stop this fridge’s success, because since LG released its first “Door-in-Door” line, the market has exploded.

Moreover, it hasn’t been long until Samsung has followed and released their own door-in-a-door lineup, named “Food Showcase.” These days, Samsung has released its newest model from this lineup, called RH25H5611SR. This new fridge is not as distinctive as the more expensive previous model, the RH29H9000SR, but it seems it performed better in several tests. The new Samsung RH25H5611SR is available at the price of 2,100 dollars, meaning that it’s quite affordable considering its features.

Even if Samsung has much more expensive models of the Food Showcase side-by-side fridges, this new model comes with a modest build. Now, the far more expensive models feature an incredible design, strikingly modern recessed handles and a flat-faced front, which gives a plus to the kitchen. However, Samsung RH25H5611SR has a much more basic build, with a simple and decent design.

Probably, many users will opt for such kind of simple design, instead of a more futuristic and expensive model. Moreover, after pulling the door’s trigger, they will open the entire front panel of the refrigerator, revealing the shelves. The inside of the fridge is probably similar with LG’s “Door-in-Door” model.

So, inside the fridge users will see a pretty basic built, with spill-proof shelves, the rimes guarding against drips, and many others. An interesting feature is that all three of the shelves situated in the fridge could be slide out like drawers. This is a very comfortable way to grab all the products placed in the back. Moreover, users will have three bins placed in the bottom of the fridge, but unfortunately they don’t have controls for temperature or humidity. 

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