Samsung Reveals Release of new Galaxy Note 4

Samsung just announced the release of a new Galaxy Note 4. It was a well known fact that the famous tech giant was planning such a release. However, now a date of the event has been made public. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be out on September 5, 2014. 

The timing for this new release is quite interesting, as this actually is almost the same time when Samsung released its previous generation model, the Note 3, back in 2013. What the new product will feature is almost a mystery, as Samsung has revealed nothing on this matter. 

So, there are a series of device specifications which have not been confirmed by the famous company. It has been claimed that Samsung started the manufacturing process of the new device back in July. Some reports indicated ever since that moment that the new product will come with a 16MP rear camera, as well as 3.6 MP front camera. However, there are some rumors saying that the famous company will not present a new device with an amazingly powerful camera. 

In fact, the capabilities of the new camera are the most debated at the moment. A report revealed that the Note 4 will feature a 16MP rear camera, but only a 2MP front camera. However, none of the rumors have been confirmed, so we can only wait to see what this new device will feature after all.

Well, if the capabilities of the new camera are unknown for now, it is believed that the new device will come with a with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display that sports 2560×1440 resolution and 550+ ppi. Naturally, it is claimed that the Galaxy Note 4 will come with the latest Android, Android 4.4.3 KitKat OS. 

There are also some rumors revealing that Samsung actually plans on releasing the Note in two variants. If this will turn out being true, it will not be such a great surprise, as numerous companies have shown interest in releasing their smart devices in more options, for more users to find them attractive and suitable for them.

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