Samsung Releases NX500 Camera

The new Samsung NX500 is probably a little more expensive than other models that we will find on the market, considering that this model lacks a viewfinder. However, the new camera also offers some incredible and useful features, an action-friendly performance and excellent video quality, making it a good device for travelers and families.

Samsung NX500 is available at the price of 600 dollars, which is probably a little expensive, having under consideration the fact that other competitors are available for 100 dollars less. To be mentioned that for this amount of money, Samsung NX500 also offers to its users 4K movie capture features.

As for image quality, this new camera is way better than its competitors. The photo and video quality is very good, having an excellent rendering of colors. Samsung NX500 is considered to be one of the best ILCs under 1,000 dollars. However, it can’t match the sharpness at middle ISO sensitivities of a slightly more expensive device, such as Nikon D5500. 

The 4K video is impressive, sharp and reasonably high contrast with few artifacts. Samsung NX500 is impressive at every chapter, but it is a little slow. It takes approximately 1.6 long seconds to power on, focus and shoot. This awaiting is because the lens have to extend. However, after the latest firmware update, the lag time has dropped to approximately 0.8 seconds. To be mentioned that the camera slows a bit when it has to process and wire photos to the card, where both JPED and raw times round to half a second.

Samsung’s NX500 autofocus system operates very well, and it frequently selects the closest object in the scene. As for design, it comes with an attractive retro design, featuring a solid-feeling with a big grip for comfortable handing in one hand. This single-handed shooting is recommended as long as the lens are lightweight. Users will find on top of the camera the power switch that surrounds the shutter button. To be said that it has no built-in flash, only a bundled unit that slides into the hot shoe. To the right there is found a mobile button for enabling Wi-Fi/NFC.

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