Samsung Releases New Ads For Samsung Galaxy S4

It seems that Samsung has got to a point where it no longer needs to promote its products by denigrating the devices of the rivaling company, Apple. The recent ads that the South Korean manufacturer has released for Samsung Galaxy S4 are the best example in this case, CNET News reports.

Samsung has created three ads for the promotion of its new flagship model, Galaxy S4. The brief clips are used to promote specific services that the new generation of Galaxy smartphones provides. As usual, the Android-based device is portrayed as a tool that helps bring people together, no matter their ethnicity, their preferences or their location.

The first ad that was launched showcases a young Australian user of Galaxy S4 who is visiting a Chinese family. Since neither the Australian girl, nor the Chinese family can speak the other person’s language, they both resort to Samsung’s S Translator to understand each other. The service, which is an alternative to Google’s Translate program, helps the Australian get around the city and arrive to their friends’ house. In the end, she manages to thank the Chinese family for the food they have given her with the help of the language tool offered by the S4 model.

The second clip shows a basketball team waiting to start the game. One of the players is listening to a song on his Samsung device and the rest of the team decides to join him by turning on the Group Play option. This feature enables Galaxy S4 users to share the same content on multiple devices at the same time. They can also interact with the content and any modifications they make will be visible to the other users.

The last ad that was created by the South Korean company focuses on the Sound and Shot option. This tool enables the boy in the ad to send his mom pictures with voiceover from the places he visits in his trips, including one with sheep sounds.

Samsung’s ads are clearly focusing on the best assets that the new phone has. These features are the ones that are currently differentiating Galaxy S4 from the rest of the models available on the market, so the South Korean company doesn’t need to make denigrating references to Apple’s iPhone. The Cupertino, California company, on the other hand, launched an iPhone website containing implicit references to S4 on the same day that Samsung released its new smartphone.

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