Samsung released RF28HDEDBSR refrigerator

After LG started to gain success with the Doo-In-Door model, where the front of the door comes open to let users access shelves hidden inside, now, it looks like Samsung has decided to release a similar model called the “Food Showcase” refrigerator.

Like LG’s Door-In-Door model, the new Food Showcase has a door that homes hidden shelves inside. Well, with these two companies starting to battle on the refrigerator market, the question will be which manufacturer makes the best door-in-door fridge?

To be mentioned that Samsung’s new released line can be considered an expansion from the debut side-by-side Food Showcase models. Entering this French-door territory, Samsung is in direct battle with LG, which dominated the market with the LMXS30776S model that is available at the price of 4,000 dollars. 

Well, at the price of 3,300 dollars, Samsung’s French 3-Door Food Showcase fridge comes with almost identical functionality and features.

However, the big question is if this new Samsung RF28HDEDBSR fridge can beat LG’s model, because Samsung’s fridge seems that it cannot make good use of its own storage capacity. This doesn’t mean that the fridge is not good, because it has a lot of good things and seems to be a complete package.

To be said that the original Food Showcase fridge was a side-by-side model, probably featuring one of the best designs on the market. The original Food Showcase is elegant, giving the feel of a modern luxury and recessed handles ran flat down the front of the fridge. However, the new French-door version of the Food Showcase fridge is not as good-looking as the side-by-side version but this doesn’t mean that it is ugly. 

This new model doesn’t come with recessed handles, which are replaced with traditional curved steel and it incorporates a secret trigger on the bottom half of the right door handle. Here, users can squeeze beverages, condiments and everything that is used more often. After opening the fridge, users will find a grand total of 27,8 cubic feet of storage space, which is a good number. For owners to enjoy its full capacity, Samsung’s fridge offer shelves that fold up and out of the way and shelves that slide out to help users reach items in the back.

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