Samsung Prepares the Ground For 5G Networks

SEOUL – Samsung confirmed on Monday that the company will start preparing the ground for the introduction of the 5G networks which will enable faster data transmission. The South Korean company is willing to invest both financial and human resources in this project in order to release 5G networks until 2020, the Associate Press report.

Samsung is aware that releasing advanced devices is not the only strategy that a company should use in order to reinforce its brand identity. For that matter, the Galaxy S maker announced on Monday that it will become actively involved in the production of 5G networks by dedicating both financial and human resources. Replacing the existing 4G networks with fifth-generation ones would bring numerous benefits to both companies and customers. Manufacturers will have the possibility to enrich their phone collections with new models, whereas customers will be able to transfer large volumes of data over long distances several hundred times faster than they do with 4G.

The South Korean company plans to get 5G networks ready for launch before 2020; therefore, research efforts and development will be accelerated in the following years. Samsung justified its will to support 5G networks by saying that a similar innovation could invigorate worldwide researches related to 5G cellular communications. Various international alliances could be created based on 5G networks and many more mobile broadband services could be offered to customers. There will be no limits to the data files that people can transfer with the help of the 5G network, according to the company. Samsung claims users will be able to transfer even high-quality digital movies once the network is launched.

The Galaxy S manufacturer is not the only one who is making the first steps towards the launching of fifth generation networks. The European Union announced at the beginning of the year that €50 million or $65 million will be invested for research to develop the 5G mobile technology until 2020.

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