Samsung Offers $800K for Galaxy S4 Apps Challenge

Samsung challenged all app developers to an unprecedented competition, the Smart App Challenge 2013. The smartphone maker is willing to offer $800 to the developer who managed to create the most innovative app for its recently launched Samsung Galaxy S 4 model, PC Mag reports.

The competition is meant to offer developers the possibility to assert themselves and to win an incredibly big sum of money. On the other hand, the smartphone maker will have a lot to win due to the competition, as well, considering the attention that its Galaxy S 4 model will receive from the public. The company expects developers to be intrigued by the competition and to do their best to contribute to the revival of the apps.

Several requirements have been imposed for the competition that will run between June 20 and August 31. Developers will have to create apps that utilize group communication functionality in interesting ways. The apps must leverage the Samsung Chord SDK as Samsung wants to produce content-sharing apps that do not require users to be familiar with networking. No limitations were imposed in relation to the age and the nationality of the participants as developers from all over the world are free to take part in the contest.

The contest gives many developers the possibility to win as the South Korean company announced that the 10 best apps will receive a total of $800,000 in prize money, in addition to other facilities. They will also have the opportunity to get their app evaluated and promoted by Samsung. The biggest prize ($200,000) will be handed to the first winner, whereas the runner-up will receive $100,000. The following six winners nominated by Samsung will take home $50,000.

The contest will take a long period of time until the name of the winners will be revealed. Samsung told the press that the evaluation period will take place between October and November. The winners will be announced at the end of the year, more specifically, in December. Developers, who want to take part in the competition, will have to submit applications in English on Samsung’s proprietary app store after May 1 and sign up on the App Challenge website starting June 20.

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