Samsung Makes Another Move: The South Korean Manufacturer Working on Wristwatch

Just as Apple was preparing to take a new direction with its iWatch, Samsung, its all-time rival, announced on Tuesday that developers are working on a new wristwatch model. The rumor has not yet been confirmed by the South Korean manufacturer, but it was enough to set shivers down the Cupertino company’s spine. 

Apple is losing ground in the battle against Samsung. This has become more obvious than ever when the iPhone maker opened a website shortly after the launching of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to convince people that their smartphone is still the best on the market. Their decision to launch a new product line, the iWatch, was not very helpful either as Samsung is allegedly working on a model of smart wristwatches.

Even though the news has not yet been confirmed by spokespersons working at Samsung, reliable sources claim the watch will be able to perform many of the tasks that are specific for smartphones. The source refused to disclose its identity, but reassured the press that Samsung is more determined than ever to launch this new product as smartphone sales could start to decrease in the near future.

iPhone publicly announced its intention to start production for a new collection of smart portable devices a long time ago. The iWatch design was first introduced last month when developers stated that the product will operate on the same platform as the iPhone and would be made out of glass for a better looking design.

According to recent market analysis, Samsung’s launching of the Galaxy S4 model last Thursday has triggered many concerns among investors. In their opinion, the smartphone lacks the ‘wow factor’ which might convince customers to purchase it. The report has negatively influenced the company’s reputation and shares have dropped 5 percent since last week. The South Korean manufacturer hopes the new line of smart wristwatches will be innovative enough to convince buyers to use it as an accessory for Galaxy smartphones.

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