Samsung Launches Galaxy S IV Teaser Trailer

Only ten days separate us from the official launching of Samsung’s new smartphone, Galaxy S IV. Meanwhile, the company is doing all there is to be done in order to trigger analysts’ curiosity, including the release of a teaser trailer for the upcoming smartphone.

Although the trailer for the March 14 launching event is not as intriguing as other teaser clips, the new device from Samsung has captured everyone’s attention from the very first moment it was announced. The fact that the South Korean company is one of the best smartphone manufacturers on the market at present is one of the reasons why analysts believe that Galaxy S IV is going to be just as good as its predecessors, Galaxy S II and S III.

The clip that Samsung released for the promotion of the launching event introduces Jeremy, the “secret messenger” that will take care of the Unpacked event. Much to everyone’s surprise, the secret messenger is a young child, whose connection to the event I currently fail to see. The child is asked to take the Unpacked 2013 box containing the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone and to keep it until the release day.

Jeremy, who is just as curious as the other consumers to get a glimpse of the S IV, asks the presenter to give him the possibility to take a look inside the box. Rays of light illuminate the room as soon as the box is opened, leaving the secret messenger open-mouthed and – what Samsung really hopes for – the viewers beginning for more information.

In spite of the mystery that Samsung is trying to maintain in relation to the new phone, Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin claims the S IV is not going to be very different than the S III model. Murtazin has been among the first to see Samsung’s new smartphone and, according to him, the device is going to have the same plastic build as the S III. Unlike Galaxy S III, which went through various changes and modifications from its predecessor, the S IV model won’t feature too many changes in point of aspect and design. However, Murtazin, like other analysts, is convinced that Galaxy S IV is going to become “Samsung’s best sold smartphone”.

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