Samsung is the Most Successful Smartphone Maker in the World

Samsung products enjoy such a great popularity today that the company actually is the most successful smartphone maker in the world. 

Samsung managed to outperform its biggest rivals in the smartphone industry and it toped sales all around the globe.

Statistics reveal that Samsung summed 54 percent of the global smartphone market, figure reached during the second half of 2013. 

The data was provided by Canalys, which indicates that Samsung remains on top when it comes to users preferences.

The company also is at the moment the most popular smart devices vendor in China. In fact, when it comes to international brands, the Chinese market was shared between Samsung, Apple and HTC. 

In the third quarter of 2013, Samsung continued to lead the Chinese smartphone market. The company managed to get 18.3% share on this market, which actually is an important growth for Samsung compared to the results that the company registered in 2012. 

If sales have almost doubled for Samsung in China, we can surely say that the popularity of this brand has grown spectacularly. 

Still, while Samsung is happy to dominate the Chinese market, it seems that Apple is not doing very well. Apple was almost unable to remain on top when it comes to the Chinese market in the third quarter of 2013. 

The release of its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in September did not make a huge difference, but it is expected for this to change along with the partnership that Apple signed with China Mobile. However, some analysts seem to believe that the delayed deal with this carrier is the one to blame for the lack of success on this market. 

Still, we can surely say that the sales Apple registered for its iPhone 5C in China have been a great disappointment for the company, who found no way to conquer this market. 

HTC, Lenovo and Huawei have also managed to do fine on the Chinese market, each of these companies registering a growth in the third quarter of 2013, compared to previous periods. However, none of the companies was able, at least for now, to compete against Samsung.

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