Samsung has released the Galaxy View

The new Samsung Galaxy View is probably the best alternative for those who want to watch a movie or a TV show. This new tablet is smaller than a TV, but bigger than a laptop, making it a good alternative for those who are willing to have a tablet with a bigger screen. 

Samsung Galaxy View is probably a new kind of hybrid on the market, being part tablet, part TV. This tablet is perfect for those with a small house who are not intending to buy a bigger TV.

So, Samsung Galaxy View comes with an 18.4-inch screen, which will probably enter into TV territory, but it doesn’t have HDMI or Ethernet ports. To be added that it has a main screen dedicated to famous streaming sites, like Netflix and full Android capabilities to access all content in Google Play Store. 

So, why use a tablet instead of a TV? Or why choose a tablet over a laptop? Well, probably due to the same main reason: it is a more comfortable portable option. Of course, the new Samsung Galaxy View is pretty big, compared with other 12.9-inch tablets on the market, but it comes with a useful built-in kickstand with a handle. This kickstand will help users easily move the tablet from room to room.

To be added that Samsung Galaxy View also comes with some useful features, like a micro-SD card slot and a SIM card slot. Unfortunately, the price is a little bit high, it costs around 599 dollars, which makes it less recommendable. The design is beautiful, the back panel is not removable, but the kickstand it is pretty useful when it comes to positions. 

Besides being a small TV, Samsung Galaxy View is perfect for casual tasks like browsing social media, checking emails, surfing the Web or playing games. This huge tablet has a strong Wi-Fi connection, meaning that Web pages are loading quickly and runs consistently smooth. As for games, Samsung Galaxy View offers a satisfying gaming experience, especially for a set of certain games. 

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