Samsung Group Triumphs After Court Bans Apple’s iPhones and iPads

Samsung and Apple have been involved in a longtime battle over patents, but the most recent court decision has favored the South Korean company. According to a recent report published on the Associated Press, Samsung Grup has triumphed after the court banned Apple’s iPhones and iPads from the U.S. market.

The US International Trade Comission has finally come to a conclusion regarding the situation of the South Korean group. The court has ruled that Samsung is wright in requesting the banishment of Apple’s older products, such as, iPhones and iPads. The decision was taken after the investigation has proved that Apple has indeed used some mobile device patents without asking permission from Samsung.

The current case that was being subject to analysis was related to the patent which enabled Samsung users to sent multiple messages simultaneously using the 3G wireless technology. The patent belong to Samsung and Apple has used it, too, for their smartphones and devices, was the US International Trade Commission’s final declaration.

Based on the Commissions’ decision, Apple is no longer allowed to sale its iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G through AT&T or any other carrier. AT&T is the biggest seler of Apple smartphone on the US market; therefore, the federal agency chose to mention then in their Tuesday’s ruling.

The decision is not definitive; President Barrack Obama could modify the ruling of the federal agency after reviewing it. He has a 60-day period to review the order and determine whether it should be vetoed or not. Apple has the right to make as many appeals as possible to contest the Tuesday’s ruling, so analysts could not determine the effects that the decision could have on the future of Apple and At&T. The ban could further delay Apple’s shipments because U.S. customes have to verify all the shipments.

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