Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will be released in September

Samsung will release its latest metal-framed Galaxy Tab S2 in September. This new tablet will come in two different sizes, 8 and 9.7 inches. However, as everyone was expecting, this new tablet will be lighter and slimmer than the previous Galaxy Tab S.

Moreover, the giant manufacturer declared that this tablet is the “thinnest and lightest tablet of its size” and there is no doubt in that. To be added that pre-orders have already started and the tablets will be available on September 3rd. 

The price is not official yet, but rumors are starting to wander around and it looks like customers will pay approximately 399 dollars for the 8-inch model, while the 9.7-inch version will cost 499 dollars.

As for its design, the Galaxy Tab S2 is one of the best looking tablets on the market. Even if the previous model of the large screen devices from Samsung had 10.7-inch, it looks like the Korean company opted for a more familiar size, 9.7-inch screen, like other tablets on the market, including Apple. However, users will find the same familiar home button, even if it shifted a little, and it also has a fingerprint scanner. 

At some point, there were certain rumors out there regarding the home button, claiming that Samsung had shift its home button to where the iPad’s home button is. However, it is important mentioning that the familiar button layout from Galaxy Tab S2 looks different from the iPad. Moreover, the design doesn’t look like the iPad and everyone will recognize the Samsung classic design. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is 5.6mm thick and weighs around 389 grams. Moreover, the 8-inch model weighs 265 grams and has the same thickness as the 9.7-inch version. As for the hardware and software, these two models come with company’s own Super AMOLED display and have 2,048×1,564 pixels resolution. The Galaxy Tab S2 also has some interesting features, including Quick Connect, multitasking and runs with Android Lollipop 5.0.2. To be added that under the hood users will find Samsung’s own Exynos 7 Octa processor, at 1.9GHz and 3GB of RAM. 

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