Samsung Galaxy S5 Will be Revealed on Monday

Samsung promises that its new Galaxy S5 will be more than just another smartphone. The famous manufacturer will release its newest product on Monday. 

Samsung will debut its latest smartphone at the Unpacked 2014 Episode 1, an event that will be part of the Mobile World Congress. However, if fans just wait to see the new features of this latest smartphone, it seems that for Samsung it is more than that. 

For the company, the release of the Galaxy S5 might actually be a turning point in the evolution of Samsung’s products. An excellent new smartphone can make Samsung an incontestable leader on this market, while a modest release can even make the company lose its supremacy. 

So, Samsung may be putting a lot of hope in its Galaxy S5. Analysts seem to wonder in this context if the S5 will be a truly innovative product or it will come with just a few features compared to its predecessor. Others seem to believe that Samsung actually cannot afford to make only a modest release at this point. 

The beginning of 2014 is expected to be quite an important moment for impressive releases. HTC, Windows, as well as Apple, are expected to make some important new launches now. Another question that rises at this point is if Samsung will get ahead of Apple or the company’s latest device will soon be shadowed by the release of the much expected iPhone 6. 

Unfortunately for Samsung, the expectations from its Galaxy S5 are huge, which makes it quite hard to believe that the company will be able to impress and surprise everyone. 

Well, until we will be able to find an answer to all these questions, it seems that Samsung has released a teaser for its Next Galaxy. The new smartphone is believed to be unveiled by Samsung starting with February 24. 

Probably, the release will be made at the event that will take place in Barcelona in just 3 days. And since most likely in just 72 hours the new release will be presented, fans are getting very anxious to discover more about this latest release. 

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