Samsung Galaxy S5 to be out in Late February

One of the most expected releases of 2014, Samsung Galaxy S5 might be out in just a few days, as a new report from O2 indicates that the device will be released in late February. 

If the report is true, fans will be able to soon purchase their new Samsung Galaxy S5.

The report by the German site goes even further to reveal certain features that the new S5 might come with. According to O2, the latest release by Samsung will be a waterproof device, such as the Xperia, by Sony. 

It is highly speculated that Samsung will release its Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress, event which is set to occur on February 24, in Barcelona. When talking into account the revelations that this new report makes, it seems that Samsung might be ready to place its S5 in sale in a matter of a few days after officially releasing it. 

The fact that the phone will appear in stores so quickly might be hard to believe. However, if the report turns out being true, fans should be happy, as they will be able to get a new device sooner than expected. 

When it comes to the features that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with, much has already been revealed. According to the information that has surfaced so far, the device will actually come in two versions. This is a trend that Apple seems to have launched with its iPhone, releasing its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at once. 

The two versions of Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a premium metal clad model, as well as a cheaper plastic version. Naturally, both devices are going to run Google’s Android mobile operating system, featuring upgraded camera and better battery life. Of course, there are more great features that might be found in this device. 

Well, even though most of the features that Samsung will include in its new device have already been made public, reaching in a way or another customers, the new release that Samsung is expected to make soon is surely a very interesting event. Naturally, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be an impressive product.

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