Samsung Galaxy S5 May Be out on February 24

One of the most expected releases of this year when it comes to the smartphone market, the Samsung Galaxy S5 may out on February 24.

New reports reveal that Samsung is preparing a surprise event during which the new release will be announced. 

The Samsung Galaxy S5 promises to be quite a great device. A super curvy smartphone, the device comes with new features that the manufacturer says will definitely impress.

The new smartphone is expected to come with a 16 megapixel rear camera, as well as 2 megapixel front camera. It was speculated that the new smartphone will come with better camera, but also with better processor.  

However, Samsung should bring something quite spectacular, as the expectations from its Galaxy S5 are huge. Moreover, the last year release of Samsung, its Galaxy S4, was also expected to be a huge launch, but unfortunately for the famous manufacturer, the device did not reached the popularity is was believed to have. 

Samsung Galaxy S3 actually remains at this point the biggest hit for the famous company, but maybe S5 will change that in just two weeks. This time, Samsung has been quite upfront about what the new device will feature, trying to manage customers’ expectations. This means that the popular manufacturer has leaked certain details regarding its new phone. 

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to have a faster processor, a slightly bigger screen, but also more memory. The new device is said to be the biggest change that Samsung has released in a while. The S5 may also come with Samsung’s TouchWiz software, as new rumors indicate. 

The new release is expected to be made this month at the Mobile World Congress conference that will take place in Spain. At the press event that Samsung scheduled for that moment, the new Galaxy S5 will most likely be presented. 

However, it seems that the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not the only product that Samsung plans on presenting on the market soon. Rumors reveal that the company has in plans the release of three new tablets, so we should expect to see something great from Samsung soon.

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