Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Price Cut

Following the release of Samsung Galaxy S5, as expected the price dropped for Samsung Galaxy S4. However, it seems that this smartphone actually got a massive price cut. 

As Samsung has another flagship phone at the moment, there is no wonder that prices dropped for Samsung Galaxy S4.

This is the predecessor of the S5 and is now available in India under Rs. 30,000. At the time when S4 was launched in India, the phone came at a starting price of 41,500. 

The Samsung S5 was released last week, as Samsung announced its new phone at the Mobile World Congress, which took place in Barcelona, Spain. Most likely, the release of this new smartphone has determined such a reaction on the market. 

So, about one year after the announcement of Samsung S4, the smartphone is cheaper with more than Rs. 11,000. This is quite impressive. However, this impressive drop in price has been seen only in India. In numerous other countries, the smartphone’s price dropped, but not in such an impressive manner. 

As Samsung S4 has become more affordable, there is no wonder that many people are considering purchasing such a phone. The phone is a great choice actually, its impressive features making the Galaxy S4 a good option for numerous customers. 

The Galaxy S4 comes with a 5-inch full HD super Amoled display. The device also features 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The camera is not bad at all in the Samsung Galaxy S4, actually being a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. The smartphone was released in April 2013, becoming the fastest selling phone in the history of Samsung. 

In fact, despite the new releases and updates when it comes to the smartphone market, the Samsung Galaxy S4 remains a high-end smartphone on the Indian market, and not only. This means that analysts actually expect to see a great increase in purchases for this device, as the price dropped. 

Well, Samsung surely expects the successor of the Galaxy S4 to be a huge success. The Galaxy S5 came with many new features, but little changes when it comes to design. Still, Samsung seems to believe that people don’t really need to see changes in design each year.

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