Samsung Galaxy S3 Ahead Of Rival iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally arrived in Europe after the South Korean company officially launched the device on Tuesday. The release enables the smartphone maker to get ahead of its rival iPhone which will be placed on the market later this year, says Reuters.

28 European and Middle East countries including Germany and Britain are now in possession of the new smartphone called Samsung Galaxy S3. The device was available for testing since last week, but it was only on Tuesday that customers were able to purchase it. The release date was carefully chosen for the South Korean company to determine as many customers as possible to purchase it before the new iPhone will be released later this year. If everything works according to their plan, Samsung will thus, manage to outsell Apple.

People in Berlin were very anxious to get their hands on the new S3. Around 50 customers spent the Monday night outside the BASE mobile phone shop in Berlin to be the first to purchase it. This reaction pleased Samsung’s chief executives because people used to queue only for Apple releases, but now they seem to be more interested in Samsung products.

The smartphone is slightly bigger than its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S2, but skeptics think this could be a disadvantage. However, the specifications of the new smartphone will most likely convince customers that the device is worth all the money. The quad core processor enables owners to get involved in multi-tasking activities and the 4.8-inch screen is perfect for multimedia files. The smartphone runs on Google’s Android just like the previous device.

Judging by the number of pre-orders that have been registered in stores across the world, analysts estimate that Samsung Galaxy S3 will be a lot more popular than its predecessor. They expect the new smartphone to top Galaxy S2’s $20 million record of worldwide sales. A spokesperson for Vodafone UK told reporters that this is the most pre-ordered Android that their store has had in the past two years.

Francisco Jeronimo, an IDC analyst based in London told reporters that the Galaxy S3 could be the most challenging competitor for the new iPhone. He also stated that this could become the most sold item of the year.

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  1. I have a Galaxy SII Skyrocket and I must say, this is like better in each and every aspects compared to the iPhone 4S. Comparing each and every new smartphone to the iPhone will only increase the iPhone’s importance in the market. To be honest i don’t think it deserves to be compared to Samsung’s monster of a phone, the Galaxy SIII

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