Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 vs. iPod Touch Apple

Many companies wished to have a gadget that will truly put Apple in difficulty, but until now not many have succeeded in delivering something that will compete. Until Samsung that is. The company brought forward the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy tablet and now the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6. This is one company determined to rob Apple of its monopole on high tech personal devices as now it challenges the iPod Touch.

It’s not often that an end user would get to compare the iPod Touch with some other similar gadget, but Samsung’s Galaxy Player 3.6 might be just the right thing. As Apple’s gadgets aren’t exactly affordable for many of today’s consumers, Samsung on the other hand makes available affordable sleek looking gadgets.

Take for instance the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6. When compared with the iPod Touch it becomes clear there are three big things that make it a reasonable choice. First of all, unlike the iPod Touch or other devices, the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 is cost effective; an 8GB version costs $149.99, about $50 less expensive than the same capacity iPod Touch.

Also, as much as many critics would slash at Samsung for not being precisely particular about their gadgets’ design, the truth is that the smartphones, tablets and now player are state-of-the-art technology. The player has a standard MicroUSB and it is made of black and chrome plastic with dimensions that make it easy to handle. Obviously, when placed next to an iPod chances are Samsung’s player won’t live to expectations, but for a budget quality gadget, it does serve its purpose.

Finally, Samsung’s player runs on Android and gives access to about 400,000 apps, which will definitely be a huge selling point for many users today. Applications such as “Draw Something” and “Angry Birds” accompanied by music, without the concern of your monthly phone bill, might be enough to get customers interested in the player.

Regrettably, however, is that while Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 does enter the market niche of the iPod Touch and might challenge it with a much more reasonable price, the truth is that Apple remains leader still.

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  1. yawn….. where are the usual front and back cameras of todays devices?…. the iPod Touch makes a wonderful “mini-iPAD” these days and as for not having a usb card there are many ways to move data back and forth if you want to and the iPOD-Touch works with my bluetooth wireless keyboard and an external monitor with some apps. … for a little more money you get a much better product with the iPod-Touch…… do some home work before you buy. This article was written as a fluff story for consumer interest.

  2. ok…. I was wrong about the camera…. I just read another review with some useful info. It’s not a bad unit for a cheepie. but the Apple product rocks!!! I have had mine for over a year now and it has become my 2nd laptop (but in my pocket)

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