Samsung Galaxy Note II To Receive LTE OTA Update From T-Mobile

The South Korean producer of smartphones revealed on Monday their plans to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Note II model with LTE OTA technology. The upgrade will be performed with the help of the mobile communications company, T-Mobile, but only after the new prototypes have been introduced in stores.

Samsung’s latest devices have been provided with advanced technology, but the manufacturer cannot ignore the previously launched products. The company is preparing to upgrade all the Galaxy Note II devices so they would be able to support the LTE OTA technology in the near future. T-Mobile will be the one facilitating the upgrade, even though the mobile communications enterprise has proven itself reluctant in providing LTE support so far.

Samsung Galaxy Note II may soon feature LTE support, but this does not mean that the technology is available across all U.S. states. There are some areas where the service may not be available and in this case, the update will seem useless. The situation is even worse in regions outside America where there are even fewer carriers supporting LTE. Given these circumstances, Samsung’s decision to upgrade its gadgets will not be appreciated by customers unless the service is widely accepted among all countries.

Speaking of U.S. states, there’s a general belief that Seattle will be the first state to receive LTE support from T-Mobile because the headquarters of the company is located in this area. The 42 Mbps HSPA+ network was first launched in Seattle and then in other areas, a solid reason to believe that the carrier will do the same for LTE.

Some states in America have already received LTE support. Las Vegas, Kansas City and New York are the states where people can currently use the LTE service, but T-Mobile plans to expand the service across the entire country by the end of the year. Based on their estimates, there will be around 200 million people accessing the LTE network by the end of 2013.

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