Samsung Enters U.S. Retail Space With Newly Opened Stores

Apple’s good days could soon be over as the manufacturer announced on Thursday that they will enter the U.S. retail space with newly opened stores. The company currently holds 400 stores worldwide, but plans to increase its number of customers and sales percentage by opening new stores in America by the end of the year, the Associated Press reports.

Samsung holds the leading position in smartphone shipments, but this is not enough according to CEOs. The smartphone manufacturer wants to win market shares over rivaling Apple by opening mini-stores across the main U.S. states. The stores will be opened in collaboration with Best Buy as Samsung hopes the move will convince Best Buy customers to purchase its mobile devices.

The new Samsung stores that will be opened in America will be supervised by Samsung employees offering details about the company’s smartphones, tablets and TV sets. The upcoming stores will also introduce the famous Samsung Galaxy S4 to American customers.

The announcement might have troubled the American rival, Apple as the U.S. retail space was the only region where iPads and iPhones were better sold as a result of Samsung’s inaccessibility. The situation could soon change now that Samsun’s Galaxy phones will be available for sale at local Best Buy stores. The financial details governing the collaboration between the two entities have not yet been disclosed to the public. Also, the exact location of the Samsung stores remains unknown for the moment, but the South Korean manufacturer will keep people up to date with upcoming news and changes.

Samsung’s representatives told the press that the salesmen working in the U.S. stores will be personally trained by the South Korean company. This way, the personnel will be familiar with all the products and they will be able to provide the answers that customers are looking for.

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