Samsung Asks Google’s Help in Trial against Apple

Samsung and Apple are still in a legal battle. The two companies are in a legal fight that has lasted for quite some time now. It seems that Samsung has just decided to ask Google for help in this patent fight against the creator of the iPhone.

Apple has asked from Samsung no less than $2.2 billion in damages. The company has accused Samsung of copying their technology, on which Apple claims that the smartphone platform is based. What Apple debates is the fact that much of the platform featured in Samsung’s smartphones is inspired from their devices. 

What Samsung claims at this point is that actually this platform was not created by them, but by Google. So, Google was in fact responsible for the development of the Android platform. This means there is no way Samsung could have copied the technology from Apple.  

Google already responded, the company saying that when this technology was first developed, it was completely different from what can be seen in Apple devices. Samsung’s lawyers tried to prove that the development of the Android operating system started before the first iPhone was created back in 2007.

However, Apple shows that there are numerous similarities between the operating systems of Samsung and Apple products. Consequently, Apple brought five cases on patents infringement against its rival on the smartphone market. 

Apple has already asked the sum of $2.2 billion from Samsung, the company saying that about $507 million are the loss of profit that Apple experienced because of the infringements. Apple is also asking some money as compensation because of the decrease in demand for its products. So, Apple says that the fact that its technology was copied made numerous clients purchase products from Samsung, which of course represented a loss for them. 

Naturally, Samsung said that all these claims are untrue. The company says that the development of the platform was created before Apple’s products were released. Who is right and how this battle will end is something to find out. Meanwhile, the popularity of Samsung’s devices is in continuous growth. 

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