Samsung and Lenovo Deny Knowing about Child Labor Usage

A new scandal has been linked to famous tech companies, Samsung and Lenovo. It seems that China Labor Watch has found more than 10 children working at a factory based in China and which is a supplier for the two technology giants. 

The findings were discovered after an investigation conducted in July and August by China Labor Watch, which also claimed that they found more than 100 student workers, who were not paid properly according to their work or for working at night. Naturally, these are violations that should not be ignored by the two companies who have their name linked to this supplier. 

The supplier accused of using child labor is HEG Technology. The company denied all accusations, while Samsung and Lenovo claim to know nothing about this. Moreover, reps from Samsung revealed that the famous company knows nothing about children or students working at the line which works for the tech giant, in Huzihou. 

“We immediately notified our findings to CLW and also proposed that Samsung and CLW conduct a joint onsite investigation for more precise verification. Furthermore, we proposed briefing [them on] Samsung’s recruitment process that includes ID verification and face to face interviews,” a statement from Samsung said. On the other hand, a rep for Lenovo also claimed that the famous tech company will analyze the report and the findings.  

HEG Technology talked about these claims, too, and said that they have never hired children to work in their production plants. Moreover, the company said that they actually have a facial recognition system to help them make sure that their workers are not under age. 

However, despite these claims, China Labor Watch said that Samsung actually knew about this situation and the tech company was in fact the one to ask HEG Technology to pay student wages. Actually, this is the second time in the last two months when China Labor Watch claims that it found children working at the suppliers that Samsung has in China. 

China Labor Watch released a report on their findings on Thursday. This report revealed that more than 10 children under the age of 16 have been found to work at HEG Technology. Moreover, the report says that about 117 students have worked here, without being properly paid for their labor.

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