Samsung Accuses LG of damaging its Products

Samsung was surely very unhappy with the fact that its competitor LG is acting to damage its products. Samsung claims that LG has intentionally vandalized its washing machines at retail store in Germany. Samsung went to accuse senior executive of LG and demanded for an investigation to be conducted on this case. 

A statement was released by Samsung on Sunday to talk about the feud with LG. In its statement, Samsung reveals that they have already asked the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office to investigate executives from LG linked to the case of deliberately destroying Samsung washing machines displayed at a retail stores in Berlin. 

In the official statement, Samsung claimed that its products were damaged by a Korean company, but later a rep for the famous tech giant revealed that the company they were referring to was LG. “The company in question has tarnished not only Samsung’s brand image but also the reputation of Samsung employees by making slanderous claims that our washing machines were defective,” Samsung’s statement said. “We also strongly believe that the truth must be revealed for the sake of fostering fair competition,” it added.

Soon after the public revelations, LG issued a statement, too. The popular company denied the claims made by Samsung and said that they had nothing to do with this story. 

Moreover, LG went on to say that the Samsung model in question actually had weak hinges. However, the statement did not precisely said that the LG executives did not damage the products in question. Well, this statement was surely not well received by Samsung, which said that not only that LG executives damaged its products, but LG also tarnished the image of the brand and the reputation of its employees, saying that the washing machines were defective. 

“We hope that this incident is not aimed at tarnishing our reputation as the world’s top maker of washing machines,” LG said in its statement.

Samsung complained earlier this month that several washing machines at two electronic stores in Germany were seriously damaged in the same way. The incident actually took place at a trade fair in Berlin, where numerous tech giants are promoting their products. Samsung said that a surveillance video caught a person destroying its products and that person has been identified as an executive from a rival company. 

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