Samsung 5 Chromebook Specs, Pros and Cons

Most of us are only just beginning taking a closer look at what the laptop/notebook/netbook market now has to offer. The Samsung 5 Chromebook has been getting a lot of attention lately, as reviews either claim it is the best in its category or not actually all that great when it comes to the price tag. We’ve looked at the Samsung 5 Chromebook Specs too and have prepared a list of pros and cons to help you take a decision.

First of all, you need to understand that the Samsung 5 Chromebook Specs are the best when compared to other devices in this category. For instance, the $199 Acer Chromebook might be half the price of Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, but at a closer look it becomes obvious you’re not exactly getting the works with the low-cost version of the Chromebook.

Although some Samsung 5 Chromebook Specs place it in the netbook category, it is still an ultrabook and ultraportable device. It packs an 1.9 GHz Intel Celeron 867 processor and runs on Google Chrome OS at speeds that, for now, are way faster than what you need to run current apps.

At $549.00 on Amazon, the Samsung 5 Chromebook Specs don’t seem valuable enough, but the device does feature a great bootup time. The laptop also features a fast Web browsing experience and Flash support, and it is great for working on spreadsheets and other Word-like programs despite the 12.1 inch screen (the largest available on a netbook).

The battery specs for Samsung 5 Chromebook are better than what other Chromebooks feature, with a battery life Samsung says it is going to make it over 8 hours when web browsing. PCMag tested it with MP4 movie files played from an external hard drive and the battery on Samsung Series 5 Chromebook lasted for 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Samsung’s Series 5 Chromebook 550 is 3.3 lb and has a 12.1 inches widescreen with an Intel HD Graphics 3000 and extensive Website support, including Flash.

In about 5 seconds Chrome OS is going to boot, which is 45 seconds faster than Windows.

The biggest cons when it comes to buying a Samsung 5 Chromebook are the price tag and the OS. Since Google Chrome is an OS still incomplete, there aren’t many apps available so offline there isn’t that much you can do with it. Despite all the pros, for the price tag, you’d be better off buying a netbook that runs Windows 7, such as HP Pavilion dm1z.

It is also unable to run HV video playback, has no Ethernet and Bluetooth.

The specs on this Samsung 5 Chromebook are great selling points when put through comparison with other devices running the same OS. Samsung’s Series 5 is the best in its category, with long battery life, fast boot times, large trackpad, loud speakers and a sleek design.

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