review – Samsung 5 Chromebook Promotions For Christmas Seal the Deal

The Samsung Chromebooks have been getting buyers’ appeal for a sleek web experience, and many are planning to get one this Christmas despite some less favorable points. However, this Christmas’s Samsung 5 Chromebook Promotions are sure to help buyers make up their minds.

The Chromebook market is only beginning to bloom and there is promise it will soon become a really great user experience. Today’s Chromebook devices range a lot in price, quality, functionality, design and specs, but Samsung 5 Chromebook is the frontrunner of the market. The series 5 Chromebook from Samsung is priced starting at $449.99 while the pricier version sells on Amazon for $549.00 but Christmas deals and used offers will make the device a lot more appealing to people looking for a new laptop.

The tech specs for Samsung 5 Chromebook are really impressive and it’s easy to understand why so many people find it so appealing. First of all, for the technology novices the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 is hassle-free. It comes with in-built virus protection, pre-installed OS and no confusing manual updates. Plus, since the Chrome OS is built on cloud computing, there’s basically no risk of losing your dear photos and holiday movies during a hard ware crash.

The Samsung 5 Chromebook pack the last version of Chrome OS, which now supports Flash and a new media player for video and music files you’d normally stream on Amazon’s Cloud Player or Slacker. The PC Mag reviews notes that the new Chrome OS supports by default a video quality of 360p. The limit is 1080p on YouTube videos. The new media player however passed the 1080p test for MP4 video files and even high bit-rates audio formats. But it does not play .avi and .wmv files instead.

The Samsung 5 Chromebook 12-inch widescreen laptops have a battery life that endures for 8 hours while web browsing.

The Series 5 features the latest version of Chrome OS which fully supports Flash.

It will take the Series 5 Chrome OS version 45 less seconds than Windows to reboot.

If you’re eager to get that fast web browsing experience the Samsung 5 Chromebook laptops promise, this Christmas’s promotions should cut the price tag at a more appealing price.

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