Samantha Futerman Finds Identical Twin after 25 Years

After no less than 25 years, Samantha Futerman discovered that she has an identical twin sister. Samantha was adopted after being born in Busan, South Korea. Years after the moment of her adoption, Samantha just found that she actually has a sister. 

The actress popular for her appreciated appearance in the 2005 movie Memoirs of a Geisha, talked about this whole story of finding her identical twin sister in an interview with ABC News. The actress said that she actually found out about her twin through a Facebook message. 

“It said she had seen me in YouTube video, then after looking my name up online, saw that we were both adopted, and born on the same day, in the same city. When I saw her profile, it was crazy. She looked just like me,” Samantha Futerman claimed in her interview. 

The message was sent by Anais Bordier, who is a French fashion designer, who now lives in London, although she was raised in Paris. Anais sent Samantha this message, as she realized how much the two look alike. Anais said that she was absolutely shocked of the similarity between the two, after seeing Samantha in a YouTube video. 

Anais also added that it is quite hard to imagine that you might have a twin sister somewhere, so there is no wonder that she was so shocked. So, even though at first the two girls had no idea that they are twin sisters, they suspected that there must be something, as they just felt like seeing their own reflections. 

Samantha also declared that it was really weird at first when she talked to Anais. She explained that she still had the feeling of calm and comfort with this girl, even though the two never saw each other until that point. 

The two decided to take a DNA test to make sure that they will get rid of any doubts. The test proved that Samantha and Anais are identical twins, who were separated after birth. 

The two said that it was extremely emotional to reunite after all these years in which they had no idea about each other’s existence.

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