Sam Worthington Ordered to Stay Away from Photographer after Assault

In a curious case that occurred at the end of last week, actor Sam Worthington assaulted a photographer. Now, the star was ordered to stay away from that man. 

Sam Worthington claimed that he attacked the man in his attempt to defend his girlfriend, Lara Bingle.

Well, it seems that the court decided that the Avatar star should stay away from the photographer for six months. 

New York Daily News reported that the actor has repeatedly punched the man in the face, the event occurring outside the Cubbyhole Bar in West Village.

The incident took place on Sunday. Following the event, both the actor and the photographer were taken to the police station. 

The 37 year old actor faced three charges, assault in the third degree, attempted assault, as well as harassment. This is why a restraining order was issued against him. 

However, not only the actor was charged, but the photographer was in the same situation. Sheng Li appeared in court on Monday and was charged with assault, reckless endangerment and harassment. The man spent no less than 4 hours following the couple on the street. The fight between this man and Sam Worthington occurred as the photographer kicked Lara Bingle in the shins. 

Sam claimed that the only reason why he attacked the photographer was his attempt to protect his girlfriend. The actor said that his girlfriend even had a bruise on her shin, where the man kicked her. The actor also added that the paparazzo had been tailing his girlfriend for hours. 

On the other hand, Li’s lawyer claimed that they actually have a video of the altercation, which shows that Sam Worthington was the one who started the fight and that his client is innocent. He also added that most likely when the DA’s office will see the video, they will drop all charges against Li. 

Li’s lawyer went on to say that Lara Bingle was upset for being photographed without getting money this time. “Maybe she wasn’t getting paid to do it this time? I understand Lara Bingle is a lot like Kim Kardashian; she’s famous for being famous,” the lawyer said according to Contactmusic. 

The actor has refused to officially comment about this case, at least until now. 

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