Sam Worthington Arrested after Being Accused of Punching a Photographer

Some stars seem to just hate being photographed. Sam Worthington was recently arrested after being accused of punching a photographer. 

Sam Worthington, best known for his extremely successful role in the movie the Avatar, was arrested on Sunday. Reports from the police indicate that the actor got into an altercation with a photographer, whom he punched. Sheng Li, the photographer, was punched by the actor in the face. 

The reason why Worthington attacked the man was actually given by the fact that the photographer kicked Worthington’s companion in the shins. The actor was accompanied by a 26-year old woman. The name of this person has not been made public initially by the police statement. 

However, it seems that ABC News found that the actor was accompanied by his girlfriend Lara Bingle, with whom the star walked out of Benny’s Burritos in New York City. It was reported that Worthington was extremely upset with everything and yelled that the man kicked his “wife.”

According to the police report, this incident occurred in Greenwich Village, on Sunday. The actor has already been released from the station, after paying his bail. The paparazzo was arrested, too, but he remained in police custody and most likely will stay there until the case will appear in court in the following weeks. 

Reports indicate that Sheng Li is a 37-year old photographer, who actually has no press credentials. No one needed hospitalization following the events, although the photographer required to have lacerations to his nose. 

Naturally, following the incident, Worthington was charged with assault. However, the photographer might also face some charges. He was also charged with assault, as well as harassment and reckless endangerment. 

This is not the first time when the famous actor is arrested. The star was also taken by the cops into custody in 2012, when he was arrested for disorderly conduct in Atlanta. The actor and Lara Bingle are known to be in a relationship since September, when the couple decided to make public their romance.

As the actor yelled that the photographer kicked his wife, repots occurred saying that the actor and his girlfriend have in fact wedded. 

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