Sam Smith Undergoes Surgery for Throat Problems

Famous singer Sam Smith found himself in the situation of having to undergo surgery linked to the throat issues he has been dealing with. The star took to Twitter to inform fans about his condition and claimed that he actually is “high on pain killers.” 

The famous singer also alleged that he is listening to Whitney Houston following the medical intervention. “Just woken up from op. I’m high on pain killers and listening to Whitney Houston hahahahaha,” the talented singer’s Twitter post said. The popular musician also shared a picture of himself in a wheelchair, accompanied by a nurse. 

In fact, Sam Smith has kept fans informed throughout this entire time, sharing a series of pictures and messages on social media. Before the medical procedure, the star shared a photo of himself on the hospital bed, captioning it “Hospital Selfie.” To undergo the medical intervention, Sam Smith actually had to cancel a series of his concerts. 

The star claimed to be extremely upset to disappoint his fans with the canceling of his shows. The musician officially announced that he was canceling his Australian tour last month. “I am very upset to announce I have been batting to get my vocal cords better the last 10 days but unfortunately they haven’t recovered and I’m going to need surgery,” the singer shared. 

The popular musician underwent the medical procedure to address a cord hemorrhage which was getting really bad and needed the intervention. Although what is worse is done now, Sam will have to wait for more than a month until he will be able to get back on the stage and deliver his impressive performances. The British singer claimed that doctors told him that his voice would be back in 6 to 8 weeks. 

Hopefully, everything will go as scheduled and Sam Smith will return to the stage faster than imagined. Sam Smith is one of the most appreciated singers at the moment. The star won no less than three of the four most prestigious Grammy awards in February, enjoying worldwide recognition. 

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