Sam Lutfi Says Britney Spears Used To Take Speed

Although her life is finally fine, Sam Lutfi’s trial against Britney Spears’ parents and her is bringing up terrible things. Ex manager and confidante Sam Lutfi says Britney Spears used to take speed and other amphetamines, which led to the singer’s meltdown.

Thursday in Los Angeles, Sam Lutfi’s attorney made his opening statements in the lawsuit that accuses Britney Spears and her parents of defamation. Sam Lutfi says Britney Spears’ parents sacrificed him as the scapegoat, when their daughter’s meltdown was caused by her use of amphetamines, including speed.

Sam Lutfi’s trial against the Spears family includes three different charges. Lynne Spears, the artist’s mom, is being sued for defamation, Lutfi claiming her book “Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World” depicted him in a negative light. Jamie Spears, the father, is being sued for punching Lutfi and Britney Spears is on trial for not giving him 15% of her earnings as they had agreed.

The Lutfi-Spears trial couldn’t have come at a worst time. Britney Spears looks like she’s finally out of the woods. But whereas her gig on X-Factor is a career-booster, it is also the main reason why everybody will keep an eye on what Lutfi reveals. And apparently, as former confidante, Sam Lutfi has a lot of trash collected from Britney Spears’ troubled years.

“She liked to use amphetamines – speed or uppers. She liked to take that drug. And most of the things that went wrong were related to that drug” said Sam Lutfi’s attorney in his opening statement. “My client was made a scapegoat for the drug abuse and erratic behavior of Britney Spears” he added as he described Sam Lutfi as the artist’s friend who “worked very hard to keep Britney Spears off drugs”.

The lawyer also revealed that Sam Lutfi only agreed to be Britney Spears’ manager if she stopped using amphetamines. The former manager claims he even had drug-sniffing dogs search Britney Spears’ house. Apparently they found a trap door where the singer had hidden a bag of crystal meth.

The judge reminded Sam Lutfi and his lawyer that they’d better have evidence to support their claims. “Everything you say, you have to be able to back it up. You can’t waste time on statements just thrown in the air. Everything has to have evidence”.

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