Sam Lessin to Leave Facebook

This week it has been revealed that Sam Lessin plans on leaving Facebook. It seems that the VP of product management for Facebook plans on moving somewhere else. 

The official announcement of the departure was made on Facebook. Sam Lessin announced on his Facebook page the fact that he plans on leaving the social network. Lessin has been with Facebook since 2010, so his departure is quite curious. In fact, Lessin joined Facebook after the famous social network bought, which was run by Sam.

Sam Lessin claimed in his post that he will be leaving Facebook starting with August 29. The man has become well known as both the vice president of Facebook for product management and as Mark Zuckerberg’s confidant. At this point, it remains unknown what Sam plans on doing next and the reason why he decided to leave the social network. 

What Lessin said at this point is that he wants to help his wife Jessica with her technology news website, so maybe this is the project that Sam will be focused on in the following months. “My immediate plan is to take some time for kite-surfing, skiing, and general adventuring / possibly some trouble making. This is the first time I can think of since middle school where I didn’t have a very concrete next step to take in life, and I intend to not squander the opportunity,” Lessin said. 

During the time he spent at Facebook, Lessin has worked at some important projects. This includes the Timeline feature, as well as other projects in which Lessin played a crucial part. The former Facebook employee also thanked Facebook for the fact that it allowed him to be part of this amazing technology. Being part of Facebook “has been an unbelievable privilege and honor,” Lessin said adding that these years have made him a better person. 

Throughout the years, Facebook has suffered numerous changes. In fact, most of Mark Zuckerberg’s friends, who helped him create Facebook from a Harvard project, have left the company. Now, another important person for Facebook has decided to step back from the social network. 

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  1. I thought Sam and jessica weren’t together anymore. I have been talking with Someone who I won’t mention. He was meeting me soon. As in our first meeting.

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