Salmonella Outbreak Affects 19 States

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention registered several cases of salmonella outbreak in 19 states of the country, according to Fox News. Federal officials have been trying to identify the cause that has led to the appearance of the disease, but they were not able to link the illness to any particular food product.

There seem to be many more patients suffering from salmonella across the United Stated, based on the recent reports published by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. Figures show that the majority of the patients are located in New York and the Carolinas. Almost 23 people have reported salmonella-specific symptoms in New York, whereas three people have been diagnosed with the disease in South Carolina and two in North Carolina.

The number of people suffering from salmonella is rapidly growing in all the states of the country. Almost 93 people have fallen ill, but only 10 patients needed to be hospitalized. Doctors report that there have been no death cases so far.

Specialists have tried to determine the factor that has led to this salmonella outbreak, but no conclusive results have been reached. 70 persons out of 93 have been interviewed and each one of them declared that they had consumed some sushi a week before they got sick. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was tempted to declare that the salmonella outbreak was caused by the sushi, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention is not so sure about it. They have decided to perform further tests before they could state that food products represent the source of the bacteria.

Several menus in restaurants across Texas, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Wisconsin will be carefully analyzed by scientists working at the Food and Drug Administration. Until the conclusive report is published, officials ask U.S. citizens to avoid consuming products that are made out of tuna and particularly sushi rolls.


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