Salma Hayek Knighted In France

Although being knighted is without doubt a real and significant honor, when it comes to celebrities some people have a different take. It happened to Salma Hayek, who has been knighted in France, along with several other actors and singers. The honor was called by some people a ‘joke’.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy’s love and appeal for the glamorous and fascinating life of celebrities are well known. It’s little wonder why he decided to make several singers and actors, among which the 45 year old sex symbol Salma Hayek, Knights of the Legion of Honour.

But, a lot of people disagree with the decision. One former minister has refused the award, while others warned it is the sort of thing that would make Napoleon turn in his grave. Henri Torre, former minister and member of Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party, turned down the honor and said that there are too many people that have been nominated but do not deserve it. Torre also added that “they have made a mockery of this high distinction by naming any old people”.

Others have particularly wondered what Salma Hayek did to deserve being named a Knight of the Legion of Honour. A reader asked Le Figaro: “What services has Salma Hayek rendered to France?”
Well, the official journal of the French government explains that Salma Hayek will be awarded the high honor for her work as “director and producer and active member of charitable foundations for 23 years”.

Bad mouths say that in Salma Hayek’s nomination to the honor, her husband played a major part. Perhaps you were not aware that Salma’s husband is none other than billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, a close friend of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Coincidence or not, Francois Pinault, Salma Hayek’s father in law, will be getting the same honor. He has founded the PPR group the actress’s husband is now running.

Another Le Figaro reader, said: “The way things are going with Sarkozy, refusing the award will soon be a mark of honour”. The truth is that the French President has a history with handing out honors and awards like candy. In 2008, Sarkozy decorated the magistrate who pronounced his divorce from his second wife Cecilia.

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  1. Holy moly. Someone who has done nothing for the planet, whose biggest accomplishment has been to marry a mega-rich dude, and she gets knighted? The Knights of the Legion of Honor must have lots of dealings with her super-wealthy hubby. With the millions of worthy human beings around, to choose this woman has just successfully made their knighting awards a complete and utter joke.

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