Sage Stallone’s Death – Accident Or Suicide?

Many more declarations surface in relation to Sage Stallone’s death as investigators take a closer look at his apartment. Police officers are trying to determine whether the 36-year-old male lost his life during an accident or a suicide attempt, says the Associated Press.

Investigators revealed additional details in relation to the death of Sylvester Stallone’s son, Sage. According to their first analyses, there were no signs of foul play or trauma on the man’s body, so police officers excluded the idea of murder from the very beginning. It remains to be seen whether Sage intended to kill himself by taking an overdose of prescription pills or it was an unfortunate accident. This mystery will be solved once the coroner’s office will release the toxicology tests.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter declared that Sage’s lifeless body was found by an employee and a relative on Friday afternoon. They called the police and the team who arrived at Sage Stallone’s house confirmed that he was dead.

Winter further added that investigators did not find a suicide note in the young actor’s house. Nevertheless, the Mulholland Drive apartment was packed with empty prescription bottles. The assistant chief did not reveal the name of the pills or their role in Sage’s death. The autopsy of the body will be performed in the following days, whereas police officers will take a look at Sage’s medical history to see if the use of prescription drugs could be linked to an existing medical condition or not. The results of the toxicology tests will be released after a few weeks.

George Braunstein, the attorney who has represented Sage Stallone for 15 years, denies the hypothesis that the 36-year-old star could have committed suicide. He is convinced that the death was an accident because Sage was always an optimistic person, especially in the past year when his career and love life were on an ascending path. Sage Stallone was planning to get married for the first time and to take part in new projects.   

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