Exposition of the Shroud in 2010, Cathedral of Turin, news: 2 million visitors expected until May 23 to visit the Holy Shroud, Images and Youtube videos Rai Tg 2 files and Italy Open Studio One – After ten years the Holy Shroud is again exposed to the public. Visit the Cathedral of San Giovanni in Turin.
The Holy Shroud, by believers regarded as the cloth that was used to wrap the body of Jesus, certainly the most famous relic known to the world.
Carefully restored in 2002 to repair fire damage occurred in the sixteenth century that destroyed the Sainte Chapelle du Saint-Suaire to Chambry, then where was kept the Holy Shroud of Jesus will be on display until May 23, 2010.
The numbers fielded for the event are significant: about two hundred policemen and policemen, four volunteers available in 2 thousand and 500 entered service in order inside and outside the cathedral, more than 500 assistance for disabled 520 engaged in hospitality and information to pilgrims in the churches of the historic center and 250 who work in the Museum of the Shroud.
At the Cathedral of Turin are expected up to 2 million visitors.

The Shroud is a linen sheet of yellow ocher, rectangular in shape and size of about 442×113 cm. Thickness of about 0.34 millimeters, weighing approximately 2.450 kg. sewn on a canvas support, also of linen, the same size.
The hand-woven cloth with a herringbone weave and warp-weft ratio of 3:1. Corresponding to one long side and stitched the cloth was cut along the length of a few inches from the edge.

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