Sacha Baron Cohen brings Kim Jong II’s ashes to the Oscars

The star has managed to convince the Academy to allow him to come dressed as his latest movie character, “The Dictator”. However, the actor thought this was not enough to draw the attention upon him, so he also brought an urn containing Kim Jong II’s ashes to the Sunday ceremony at the Hollywood and Highland Center in California.

Cohen is famous for his unusual appearances at important events where he always showed up dressed either like his character in the movie “Borat” or as the homosexual fashion editor, “Bruno”. This time, the actor had to talk with the members of the Academy because they initially didn’t want Cohen to promote his latest movie, “The Dictator” on the Red Carpet.

Despite this, the 40-year-old actor obtained the permission to dress as General Aladeen on Friday. He wrote on his Twitter page that victory was on his side because “the mighty nation of Wadiya triumphed over the Zionist snakes of Hollywood”.

As if being dressed as a bearded General was not enough, Cohen brought a special friend with him at the Oscar Awards on Sunday, that is, an urn containing the ashes of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong II who died in December 2011. He told reporters on the Red Carpet that his friend always wanted to come to the Academy Awards and the General was able to finally fulfill his wish. His remark was slightly ironical as the North Korean dictator declared himself a Hollywood movie fan. He was also the leader of his country’s film industry.

While he was being interviewed by the E! TV host, Ryan Seacrest, Cohen “accidentally” spilled the ashes on Seacrest’s suit. He apologized, but the reporter didn’t seem to enjoy the General’s joke. Several celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez were surprised to see his dirty tuxedo and asked him what had happened.
Although he was wearing the clothes from “The Dictator” movie, Cohen declared on the Red Carpet that his outfit was created by John Galliano, a former Christian Dior designer who was accused of anti-semitic behavior. His socks, however, were bought from K-Mart because Saddam Hussein told him socks were not very important.

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