Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Bought Country Home Together

Contrary to what many might think, not all celebrities are on fast forward when it comes to their love life. In fact, as seldom as it might be, some celebrities like to take their relationships one step at a time. And I bet Ryan Reynolds’ isn’t ready yet for wedding vows. Although they’ve been taking baby steps so far, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively took a huge decision to buy a country home together.

It goes without saying: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are a gorgeous couple. The two have met back in 2011 when they were both shooting for the action flick “Green Lantern”. According to media reports, their love story started about six months ago, when the two have been spotted having sleepovers at each other’s homes in Boston and New York.

As time passed since the first reports, media had its target set. It didn’t take much before pictures of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively together made the headlines. Blake Lively was seen more than once in Reynolds’ hometown, but a report of the two holding hands and enjoying ice cream in hot Los Angeles confirmed all the rumors.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous couple tried hard to remain low key. Until news that they were looking for a home they want to buy together. According to People magazine, the couple has already made the purchase. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively bought together a $2 million country home in New York’s Bedford.

A source close to them told People the couple has spent a lot of time in Bedford. They’ve been trying out their new home every way they could, from horseback riding to dining at the Bedford Post Inn.

The NY Daily News writes that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are still on the lookout and argued that the dream home is to be found in Connecticut. A source told the newspaper that Blake Lively loves to relax shopping in the “swanky main streets and high-end shops” of Greenwich, New Canaan and Ridgefield.

If you’re already going as far as thinking about a potential engagement, maybe you should think twice. At least for now, these two good looking celebs seem to be making the most of their low commitment relationship.

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