Ryan Phillippe Tells Ex-Wife Reese Witherspoon They’ve ‘Done Pretty Good co-parenting their kids

Coparenting champions. Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon’s son Deacon Phillippe is officially an adult. The Big Sky star gave his ex-wife a shout out on the day of his son’s birthday.

“Happy 18th birthday to our gorgeous, smart, talented, and caring son,” Ryan 47 posted on Instagram on October 23, along with pictures of Ryan as well as Witherspoon 45, holding their son in front the birthday cake. “You are truly a shine in the world and are loved by all who have met you. We are blessed to be your dad and mom. Love you, little one.”

The proud dad added “I’d say we did pretty good @reesewitherspoon.”

The Cruel Intentions co-stars met in the year 1997 and got married two years after. But they split in 2006, after seven years of union. daughters Ava Phillippe was 7 years old and Deacon was just 3 years old. They have rented their children following their divorce.

Witherspoon posted a comment about her ex-husband’s tweet “So happy for our son … I’m talking about our adolescent son! .”

Deacon on the other hand was not averse to his emotional epitomize. “Thanks dad!! I am so grateful for you,” He wrote.

His mother, in turn posted an Instagram post that included pictures of Deacon throughout the years. “How do you explain this? @deaconphillippe’s age is 18! !” Witherspoon wrote.

Ryan Phillippe Tells Ex-Wife Reese Witherspoon They've 'Done Pretty Good co-parenting their kids Ava and Deacon
Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon with son Deacon. Image courtesy of Ryan Phillippe/Instagram

She was able to recall how much her son’s personality has changed throughout the years. “One day he was trading Pokemon cards, singing Bruno Mars songs, and playing American Ninja Warrior in the backyard,” she said. “The the next morning, he’s more taller than I am, and he is cooking family-style meats on the grill, and making his own songs with his closest friends. My heart is full of satisfaction over the young man he’s becoming. Happy Birthday Deacon! I cherish your to the moon and back around the sun, and to all the stars.”

While Witherspoon and Ryan’s marriage did not be successful, the couple are extremely proud of the work they’ve created together. In addition to having two children, they produced the film Cruel Intentions together. The dad of three (he has a daughter Kai 10, who is together with Alexis Knapp) revealed that He is thrilled to have the opportunity to reminisce about the film that he created with his ex-wife.

“[The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”] makes me smile nearly everytime. Anywhere I go,” the Lady of the Manor actress exclusively revealed to DailyGossip on September.

“And it’s happened a couple of occasions in my lifetime when I’ve been at a gas station , or something else. When I suddenly hear the song coming from across the street. Then there’ll be an entire group of people who wave towards me. It’s like they made the song have a basis because they noticed me,” he continued. “But it’s not necessary been associated with an artist, there could be far better songs to associate with. It’s an excellent song. When I hear the strings begin to start up, make me feel happy. This makes me smile.”

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