Ryan Gosling Saves Woman From Getting Hit By Car

British journalist Laurie Penny wrote on her Twitter account that actor Ryan Gosling saved her from getting hit by a New York cab. According to her declarations, Penny was crossing the street when a man grabbed her away from a taxi.

There is some serious competition for Spiderman in New York City as Ryan Gosling is determined to make as many good deeds as possible. After breaking up a street fight last year, the actor was recently spotted rescuing Laurie Penny from getting struck by a New York cab. The British journalist was looking in the wrong way because she is from London, so she did not see the cab approaching. Lucky for her, Gosling was there and prevented her from going any further.

Penny was not aware that her hero was the “Ides of March” star until the girl next to her showed her envy by saying “you lucky bitch”. At first, Penny was very excited to have been saved from a car by Ryan Gosling, but she gradually changed her mind once her 40,000 followers went over the moon with Gosling’s heroics.

Laurie Penny tweeted later on that the fact that A-list celebrities occasionally act like human beings is not news, in her opinion. She added that the event would have been news if Gosling showed up on a cloud when “a young woman got smeared into the tarmac”. The entire conversation degenerated into criticism towards the American nation because the British journalist described the citizens of this country as “very strange”. To her mind, Americans should spend less time worrying about futile things, such as, celebrities’ lives and worry more about important aspects like the Iran war.

Despite Penny’s attempt to draw the public’s attention towards more important subjects, Ryan Gosling continues to be the most discussed subject on the Internet. The “Drive” star is now close to becoming a New York hero given that last year he was caught on camera while breaking up a street fight. According to onlookers’ declarations, the actor was returning from the gym when he saw two men fighting over a stolen painting. Gosling offered to pay 20 dollars and the street fight ended there. His intervention was remarkable given that nobody on the street dared to separate the two men.

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