Ryan Gosling and Evan Mendes Separated?

According to the latest rumors, another celebrity couple has decided to end their relationship. This time, the rumors talk about Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. It has actually been claimed that the two separated quite some time ago and they have been living separately for months.

Allegedly, the split occurred after Eva and Ryan welcomed their second child together. Actually, rumors have been claiming for quite some time that Eva and Ryan were planning on separating, saying that the two famous actors were dealing with serious marriage issues.

A new report from Radar Online claimed that Eva and Ryan are no longer trying to save their relationship and things are really done between them. “They’re past the point of caring now. The biggest sign it’s over is the fact that Eva and Ryan don’t even bother to argue anymore. The only thing they do agree on is the fact that none of their needs are being met,” a source said according to the celebrity site.

The source also claimed that the two have been dealing with relationship problems for quite some time, but the moment when they decided to end things actually came on Mother’s Day. Apparently, Ryan decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with his mother, Donna, and not with his wife. Of course, Eva was very upset and the relationship was beyond repair.

On the other hand, Ryan was very upset with Eva, when the actress refused to accompany him to the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. He got a series of nominations for his role in La La Land, but Eva was not there to support him. Apparently, the reason why she was not there was given by the fact that she did not want to meet Emma Stone, whom she has been jealous of.

Emma and Ryan starred together in La La Land and Eva allegedly was jealous of the two. “Emma and Ryan have THE hottest chemistry in Hollywood right now. Eva seems to feel totally intimidated by Emma, even though neither Emma nor Ryan have given her any reason to worry,” the source explained. The source also said that Eva believes that Ryan has been cheating on her, but this is not true.

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