Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Reportedly Separated

According to the latest rumors, things are not going well between Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. Actually, the latest rumors indicate that the two famous actors have decided to separate. And naturally, a series of claims have been made about a potential split, including that Emma Stone might be to blame for the end of the romance.

So, several reports indicated that Ryan and Eva ended their relationship after no less than five years together. Apparently, it all started with a fight that the two actors had before the Oscars because of Emma. The news was first reported by Star Magazine, which said that Eva was the one who decided to end things after this massive fight. According to the report, Emma Stone was the reason why this happened.

So, the magazine claimed that Eva was very jealous of Emma, whom Ryan starred with in La La Land. Apparently, the actress did not like the fact that Emma and Ryan were getting very close and was extremely jealous of Emma’s relationship with her boyfriend. Consequently, Eva was ready to end the romance. The magazine went on to talk about the fight that Eva and Ryan allegedly had.

So, the magazine claimed that this fight occurred a day before the Oscars. Apparently, the fight started when Ryan asked his girlfriend to accompany him at the awards show. Allegedly, Eva refused to do this because she did not want to see Emma and because she was very upset with their closeness.

“Ryan desperately wanted Eva by his side. He told her how bad it looked when she wasn’t there when he won his Golden Globe in January and that he was tired of making excuses for her. Ryan said that if she wasn’t going to support him on the biggest night of his career, then would she ever? Eva snapped back that he shouldn’t be worried, because Emma would be there for him,” an insider said according to the celebrity site.

The same source said that Ryan left after the fight and it remains unclear if he went back home that night. The source also claimed that Eva could have already spoken to a lawyer about the split.

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