Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are fighting

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are dealing with some new marriage problems, at least this is what the latest rumors seem to be indicating. The rumors actually claimed that the two famous actors are fighting on whether they will have another baby or not. 

So, the rumors indicate that Ryan wants another child, but Eva might not feel the same way. The news was reported by the National Enquirer, which revealed that Ryan wants to try for another child to demonstrate to Eva that he is committed to her. However, this has led to some fights between the two, as it seems that although Ryan wants a third child to save the relationship with Eva, the actress refuses to expand the family. 

The report indicated that Ryan actually hopes that a new baby will make his girlfriend more secure and would help her realize that there is no romance in his relationship with Emma Stone. Actress Emma Stone has worked with Ryan at the much praised movie La La Land. “Ryan keeps insisting that there’s nothing going on with Emma and is hoping that a baby will make Eva see how committed he is to her,” a source said according to the celebrity site. 

“But Eva is fed up because she feels like Ryan has turned her into a baby-making machine!” the same insider went on to add. However, this may not be all. It seems that Eva thinks about going back to work and she is actually trying to once again focus on her career. But, this is not making any good to her relationship to Ryan. “It’s putting more pressure on an already strained relationship!” the source explained. 

Eva and Ryan have been really private about their personal life, so what the two are really planning is something yet to be discovered. Furthermore, it is important to mention that Gossip Cop denied the allegations, saying that there is no dispute between Eva and Ryan and things are perfectly fine between the two. Without a doubt, while being spotted together the two actors seem to be very happy.

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